Just after I post a blog about the beautiful weather we are having and the dreadful fishing conditions we are having, we catch 2 fresh fish. These wonderful creatures never cease to amaze me. Yesterday morning Yvonne Zirngibl […]


Lovely Weather


Fishing this week has been difficult to say the least. One would be forgiven for thinking you were on the Cote d’Azuras temperatures reached 21degrees. The gauge on the Rock Pool is now reading 3cms; so you could […]


Paddy Heneghan 1922-2012


Paddy was born in what is now Waterfall Cottage on the 27th June 1922. He was the eldest son John and Bridgit. He had two brothers, Michael who still lives in Louisburgh, and Jim who died of meningitis […]


Duffy to the Fore


Fishing conditions have become increasingly difficult since my last update with water levels now at 12cms. We have however managed to land 3 fish since my last update. Peter Joyce managed to land his second fish of the […]


Fin 1 Whin 1


Paddy’s day was as per here; dry at first and then rain, rain and more rain. We actually had 26.5mm recorded on the 17th. So this made for great water conditions on Sunday but I’m afraid the fish […]


Reality Check


It’s at times like this that the importance of catching fish pales into insignificance. It was with great sadness last night that I heard of the sudden and untimely death of Rosie Shortt last Friday Rosie was a […]


Happy St.Patrick’s Day


Our last fish on Tuesday was when the river was at 20. Since then the water dropped until we had heavy rain on Thursday and Thursday night, 35.2mm to be exact. This gave the system a good flush […]


Twelve in Seven Days


It’s been a very good seven days and we have had 3 cracking fish since my last update on Sunday, despite water conditions becoming relatively low. Keith Pilkington had a 9lbs8ozs fish off the Rock Pool yesterday morning. […]


Nice and Steady


The fish were late starting but it has been nice and steady since then. Since my last update we have had 5 fish. There was 1 on Friday, 3 yesterday and 1 this morning. This brings total for […]


McLaughlin strikes again


After finally getting off to a great start on Wednesday, this was followed yesterday with a cracking fish of 12lbs12ozs taken by Michael McLaughin. Michael’s fish was taken off Finlough on a Willie Gunn in the stream. I’m […]