86 For July


July actually turned out to be quite a productive month for salmon angling here at Delphi. While it was nothing spectacular, it was fairly steady throughout, with a total of 86 salmon landed. Rainfall was low, with only 95.8mms(3.77”). Water levels started at 55 and despite the low rainfall it only hit 0 on the 21st of July. The main reason for this was that we had 171.2mms(6.74”) in the last 7 days of June, so the system was well topped up . That’s the beauty of being a semi spate system, in that we had a good reserve of water held in the lakes to entice fish into the system. Temperatures, I suppose were normal throughout, with highs of 24.4 and lows of 9 degrees. 

As reported in my last update, the last two days of week 26 and the first two of July saw 12 fish landed. Excellent fishing conditions continued into Week 27, with 31 fish landed. Niall Lynch and his party, who were only fishing Sunday morning got the week off to a flyer with 5 fish off the River. The rest of the week saw many of the usual suspects returning. Louisburgh native Jonathan Durkan, home for the first time since 2019 landed 7, the Finnegan party 6, the O’Donnells 3, the Bradley party 3, Giovanni Mazzoleni 2, Nick Parkes 1 and cousins Athene English and James Stewart had 1 each. By and large fish were small, with Alister Purdy’s 5lbs7ozs fish being the biggest.  

Week 28 saw a return to finer weather, but we managed to keep water levels consistent, starting at 21 and just dropping to 15 by the end of the week. 22 fish were landed, which was excellent given the conditions, although we a very experienced group of anglers. The Drea party was once again to the fore, landing 11, the biggest of which was Jack Rogers Springer of 12lbs1oz from the Whin Pool on a Tyne Tulcan. The Larkin party had 5, with Rick Larkin once again showing his prowess, when he landed a fresh Grilse of 7lbs on a Posh Tosh in the Whin Pool. Denis Bonnet on his first visit since 2019 had 3, Kevin Finnegan 2 and Oscar Van de Voort from Sweden landed his first ever salmon, a fish of 5lbs4ozs from Finlough on a Snake. 

The fine weather really took hold in week 29, water levels starting at 10 and dropping to 0 by the end of the week. As a result there were only 4 fish landed, but two of them were first ever salmon, with Noel Devery having one of 5lbs8ozs off Finlough on a Curry’s Red Shrimp and Gene Gallagher from the US also landing one on Finlough of 3lbs2ozs on a Snake. The others were landed by Julia Horne and Urs. The Week 30 Brigade were lucky with water as we got some rain and levels rose from 0 to 20 and then to 40 and dropped off to 12 by Friday and up to 70 on Saturday morning as we got 29mms on Friday night that wasn’t really forecast. 13 fish were landed for the week and Urs really got into his stride, landing 8, the best of which a sea liced Grilse of 5lbs2ozs from the Meadow on a Red Frances. Sean Coffey had 2 off the River and Lucy Mantle, Peter and Jane’s daughter who is now a mad keen angler headed up a team of 7 young enthusiastic fishers from England. I must say well done to her as I can’t remember the last time we had 7 fishers in their 20’s. It’s a rare occurrence nowadays. Three of them managed to land their first ever salmon, Charles Rowe had a fish of 9lbs on a Posh Tosh from the Meadow, Jack Glendinning one of 3lbs on an Allie from Duffers Run and Alex Bellamy had one from the Grilse Pool of 4lbs. Well done to all involved. Sunday the 31st saw 4 fish landed, with Walter Byrne and Steve Walsh having one each and Urs 2.  

Finally, Sunday the 31st was the last Sunday in July more commonly known around here as Reek Sunday when people climb Croagh Patrick or the Holy Mountain. For those of us who knew her we should remember our former colleague Tracy Dicks who died climbing the Reek in 2003. How the years fly!! D.McEvoy