Accommodation & Prices

Delphi Cottages Prices

Per Cottage*  
Weekly rateBoathouse Cottages€960 to €1,120
3 nightsBoathouse Cottages€550 to €630
Weekly rateWrens Cottage €1,323 to €1,740
3 nightsWrens Cottage €702 to €905
Weekly rateWaterfall Cottage€1,750 to €2,350

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Delphi weeks run Saturday to Saturday. Full weeks lets only in July, August, Christmas & New Year.
Please note that energy charges are additional (electricity and oil, €9.00 per day)
A complimentary basket of logs is supplied, additional basket of logs is €5.00 per basket.
All prices are in Euro (€)

  • We STRONGLY recommend purchasing travel insurance. This can be purchased through your local insurance broker or travel agent.

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