Fishing Availability

Delphi Fishing Availability 2021

content_fishery_reservations_availability_003.jpgFor current availability please contact the office direct. 
or by telephoning on +353 (0) 954-2222

Please note that priority will be given to guests staying in the Lodge and then Cottages.

Day tickets without accommodation are only released, 24 to 48 hrs in advance. Fishing in March is River/Finlough split 50/50. Fishing from April is on River/Finlough/Doolough on a half day rotation. The Cost is €150 to €175 per day depending on low or high season, plus Ghillies (€100 per day, normally shared between 2 anglers).

Valid from February 2nd 2021
W/B 12th April – 18th April 3River/Fin,Doo/River(2)Doo(2),Fin/Doo,Riv/Fin,Doo/River,Fin/Doo,River/Fin
W/B 10th July – 16th July 4Fin/Doo/River 
W/B 12th July – 18th July 4River/Fin/Doo – last rod will be Doo x 4 on 18th July pm
W/B 15th July – 21st July3Fin/Doo/River x2,Fin/River,Fin/Doo/River, Fin/Doo/Doo
W/B 25th July – 31st July2River/Fin/Doo
W/B 26th July – 1st August4River/Fin/Doo x 4 & River/Doo
W/B 26th July – 1st August2Doo/River/Fin x 4 & Doo/Fin
W/B 5th August – 11th August4Fin/Doo/River,Fin/Doo/Fin,River/Fin/Doo x 2, River/Fin
W/B 7th August – 13th August4River/Doo/Fin, Doo/River/Fin x 3 & Doo/River 
W/B 9th August – 15th August3Fin/Doo/River 
W/B 15th August -21st August2River/Fin/Doo
W/B 16th August – 22nd August2River/Fin/Doo
W/B 16th August – 22nd August2Doo/River/Fin
W/B 18th August- 24th August2Doo/River/Fin
W/B 23rd August – 29th August2River/Fin/Doo
W/B 23rd August – 29th August4Doo/River/Fin
W/B 24th August – 30th August4River/Fin/Doo
W/B 30th August – 5th Sept4Fin/Doo/River 
W/B 30th August – 5th Sept4Doo/River/Fin x 4 & Doo/Fin
W/B 6th Sept -12th Sept4Fin/Doo x 2,River/Fin/Doo x 3,River(2),Fin (1) & Doo (1)
W/B 7th Sept – 13th Sept 1River/Fin/Doo x 4 , Fin/Doo x 1
W/B 8th Sept – 14th Sept2Doo/River/Fin
W/B 13th Sept – 19th Sept2River/Fin/Doo
W/B 13th Sept – 19th Sept2Fin/Doo/River
W/B 15th Sept – 21st Sept2Fin/River, Fin/Doo,River/Fin/Doo x 3, River. 
W/B 18th Sept – 24th Sept4River/Fin/Doo
W/B 20th Sept – 26th Sept2Doo/Rover/Fin x 4, Doo/Fin
NB: We are willing to split some of these weeks in half, if required .
12th, 13th, 14th & 15th April1Fin/Doo, River/Fin, Doo/River, Fin/Doo
19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd April3Doo/River, Fin/Doo, River/Doo,River/Fin
28th,29th 30th April & 1st May2Doo/Doo, Doo/Doo, Doo/Doo, Doo/River
19th,21st,22nd & 22nd May2River/Doo,Fin/Doo,River/Fin,Doo/River 
20th,21st, 22nd & 23rd May 4Doo/River, Fin/Doo, River/Fin, Doo/River 
27th, 28th, 29th & 30th May 1Fin/Doo, River/Fin, Doo/River, Fin/River
9th, 10th, 11th & 12th July2Fin/Doo/River 
10th, 11th,12th & 13th July 1Doo/River/Fin, River/Fin/Doo, River/Fin 
26th, 27th, 28th & 29th July 3Fin/Doo/River 
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th August 3River/Fin/Doo 
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th August 2Doo/River/Fin
12th, 13th, 14th & 15th August4Doo/River/Fin
6th, 7th, 8th & 9th September4Doo/River x 2, Fin/Doo/River 
14th, 15th & 16th March 2River am / Finlough pm
5th, 6th & 7th April 2River/ Fin/ Doolough 
5th, 6th & 7th April 4Doo/River,  Fin/Doo, River/Fin(2) & Doo (2) 
8th,9th & 10th April 1Fin/Doo, River/Fin,Doo/River
9th,10th & 11th April4Fin/Doo, River/Fin,Doo/Doo 
22nd, 23rd & 24th April1Doo/River,  Fin/Doo, River/Fin 
13th,14th & 15th May1River/Fin/Doo
31ST May, 1st & 2nd June1Fin/Doo,River/Fin,Doo/Fin
8th, 9th & 10th July1Fin/Doo/River
21st, 22nd & 23rd July1Fin/River,Fin/Doo, River/Fin
22nd, 23rd & 24th July 3River/Fin/Doo
25th, 26th & 27th August 2Fin/Doo/River 
31st August, 1st & 2nd September4Doo/River/Fin
13th , 14th & 15th September1Doo/River/Fin
16th, 17th & 18th September2Fin/Doo/River 
23rd, 24th & 25th September4River/Fin/Doo
26th, 27th & 28th September 2River/Fin/Doo
27th, 28th & 29th  September 2River/Fin/Doo
27th, 28th & 29th  September 2Doo/River/Fin, River/Fin/Doo
18th & 19th March 1River am / Finlough pm
5th & 6th April 2River, Finlough, Doolough, River 
18th & 19th April 2Doo/Doo, River/Finn
23rd & 24th April 4Doo/River (2) Doo (2), Fin/Doo
26th & 27th April2Fin/Doo, Fin/Doo
28th & 29th May2Fin/Doo, Fin/Doo
3rd & 4th June 1Doo/River,Fin/Doo
5th & 6th June 2River/Fin, Doo/River 
7th & 8th June2Fin/Doo, River/Fin
4th & 5th July2Doo/Fin, Doo/Fin
6th & 7th July1Fin/Doo, River/Fin
7th & 8th July 2Fin/Doo, Doo/Fin
10th & 11th July2Doo/River,Fin/Doo
13th & 14th July 2River/Fin/Doo
24th & 25th July2Doo/River,Fin/Doo
30th & 31st July 3River/Fin/Doo/River
7th & 8th August 2Fin/River, Doo/River 
16th & 17th August4Fin/Doo, River/Fin
22nd & 23rd August 2Doo/River, Fin / Doo
28th & 29th August 2Fin/Doo, River/Fin
3rd & 4th September 4Doo/River, Fin/Doo
10th & 11th September4Doo/River/Fin/Doo
16th & 17th September 1Doo/River, Fin/Doo
20th & 21st September 2River/Fin/Doo
25th & 26th September4Doo/River/Fin/Doo
27th & 28th September 1River/Fin, Doo/Fin
6th March 4River am / Finlough pm 
6th March 4Finlough am / River pm
14th March2Finlough 
17th March1Fin/River
19th March 2River/Fin
19th March 2Fin/River
27th March 4Finlough am / River pm
27th March 1River am / Finlough pm 
4th April Half Rod x 4Finlough (pm)
4th April 2Finlough am /Doolough pm
4th April 2Doolough
4th April Half Rod x 2Doolough (pm)
7th AprilHalf Rod x 2 Finlough (pm)
7th AprilHalf Rod x 1River (pm)
8th AprilHalf Rod x 4 Doolough (am)
8th AprilHalf Rod x 4 River (pm)
8th AprilHalf Rod x 2 Finlough (pm)
9th AprilHalf Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
10th April2Finlough am / Doolough pm 
11th April 1Finlough (am)/ River pm
17th April1River am / Finlough pm 
18th AprilHalf Rod x 1Doolough (pm)
19th April 1River (am) / Finlough (pm) 
20th April1Doo/River 
21st April Half Rod x 4 Finlough (am)
21st April Half Rod x 1 (am)Finlough (pm)
25th AprilHalf Rod x 2Finlough (pm)
26th AprilHalf Rod x 2Doolough (am)
27th AprilHalf Rod x 2 Finlough (pm)
1st May Half Rod x 1 Finlough (am)
9th May1Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)  
9th MayHalf Rod x 1 Doolough (am)
17th May2River (am) / Finlough (pm)
18th MayHalf Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
18th MayHalf Rod x 1 River (pm)
19th May2Finlough (am) / River (pm)
23rd May Half Rod x 4Finlough (pm)
23rd May Half Rod x 2 Doolough (pm)
28th MayHalf Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
29th May 1Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
31st May Half Rod x 2 River (pm)
1st June 2Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
2nd June Half Rod x 1River (am)
6th June Half Rod x 4Doolough (pm)
9th June Half Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
17th June 4River (am) / Finlough (pm)
17th June 4Doolough (am)/ River (pm)
17th June 2Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
18th June 4Doolough (am) / Doolough (pm)
19th June 2Doolough (am) / Doolough (pm)
20th June Half Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
23rd June Half Rod x 3 River (pm)
24th June 1Fin/Doo
24th June 2Doo/River 
25th June 3River/Fin
25th June Half Rod x 2 Doolough
27th June Half Rod x 1 Finlough (am)
4th July2Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
4th JulyHalf Rod x 2Doolough (am)
6th JulyHalf Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
7th July Half Rod x 1 River (pm)
9th JulyHalf Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
11th JulyHalf Rod x 2Doolough (pm)
14th July 1Doolough (am) / River (pm)
14th July Half Rod x 1River (pm)
17th July4River/Fin
18th July Half Rod x 4Doolough (am)
19th July 4River / Fin 
20th July2Doo/River 
20th July 2Doolough all day 
21st July1Finlough all day 
21st JulyHalf Rod x 1Finlough (am)
25th July 2Doo/River 
25th July Half Rod x 2 Finlough (pm)
25th July Half Rod x 2 Doolough (am)
1st August Half Rods x 3 Finlough (am)
1st August Half Rods x 2 Doolough (am)
4th AugustHalf Rod x 4River (pm)
6th August2Finlough (am)/ Doolough (pm)
6th August2Doolough (am) / River (pm)
6th August2Doolough all day 
8th August Half Rod x 1 River (pm)
14th August4Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
15th August1River (am) / Doolough (pm)
15th AugustHalf Rod x 1 River (am) 
18th AugustHalf Rod x 2Doolough (am)
22nd August Half Rod x 2 Finlough (pm)
22nd August Half Rod x 2 Doolough (pm)
23rd August 2Finlough (am) / Doolough (pm)
29th August Half Rod x 2 River (am)
5th September Half Rod x 4River (am)
6th September Half Rod x 2River (am)
11th SeptemberHalf Rod x1River (pm)
12th September Half Rod x 1River (am)
14th SeptemberHalf Rod x 1 Finlough (pm)
15th SeptemberHalf Rod x 1 Doolough (am)
15th SeptemberHalf Rod x 2 River (pm)
17th September Half Rod x 1Doolough (pm)
26th September Half Rod x 2River (am)
26th September Half Rod x 1River (pm)
27th September1Fin/Doo
27th SeptemberHalf Rod x 1 Finlough (pm)
28th September Half Rod x 1 Doolough (pm)
29th September 4River/Fin
29th September Half Rod x 2 River (pm)

For further info please contact the office on 095-42222 or email

• Priority is given to people staying in the Lodge and then Cottages

• We may be willing to split full weeks in half

Cost Fishing per Day: €150 to €175 per day depending on low or high season.
Plus guides/ghillies (€100 per day, normally shared).

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