Delphi Fishing Availability 2018

content_fishery_reservations_availability_003.jpgFor current availability please contact the office direct.

or by telephoning on +353 (0) 954-2222

Please note that priority will be given to guests staying in the Lodge and then Cottages.

Day tickets without accommodation are only released, 24 to 48 hrs in advance. Fishing in March is River/Finlough split 50/50. Fishing from April is on River/Finlough/Doolough on a half day rotation. The Cost is €135 February & €140 rest of season per day, plus Ghillies (€100 per day, normally shared between 2 anglers).

VALID AS OF 17th May
FULL WEEKS No of Rods  Beats/Rotation
w/b 22 July 1 Fin/Doo/River
w/b 5 August 2 River/Fin/Doo
w/b 12 August 4 Doo/River/Fin & Fin/River/Doo
w/b 19 August 4 Fin/Doo/River
w/b 26 August 4 Doo/River/Fin
w/b 2 September 4 Fin/Doo/River
w/b 9 September 2 Doo/River/Fin
w/b 23 September 4 River/Fin/Doo & Doo/River/Fin
NB: We are willing to split some of these weeks in half, if required.
 4-days Fishing  No of Rods Beats/Rotation
19/20/21/22 September 2 Fin/Doo/River/Fin
3-days Fishing No of Rods Beats/Rotation
2-day Fishing  No of Rods Beats/Rotation
19/20 July 2 Doo/River/Fin/Doo
17/18 Sept 1 River/Fin/Doo/River
Single days No of Rods Beats/Rotation
21 July 4 Fin/Doo
22 July 2 River/Fin
28 July 4 Fin/Doo
29 July 4 Fin/Doo & Doo/River
30 July 4 Fin/Doo
16 Sept 2 Fin/Doo
22 Sept 4 River/Fin & Doo/River

For further info please contact the office on 095-42222 or email info@delophilodge.ie

• Priority is given to people staying in the Lodge and then Cottages

• We may be willing to split full weeks in half

Cost Fishing per Day: €140
Plus guides/ghillies (€100 per day, normally shared).


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