The New Delphi Syndicate

The Delphi Fishery Salmon Club and Syndicate Connemara

An opportunity to purchase prime Irish Salmon Fishing with accommodation in a country cottage. Each new member will have the option of a one week stay, a four day stay or a three day stay fixed for five years. There are still some prime fishing weeks available! For more information on the New Delphi Salmon Club Syndication, please contact the office. Tel. +353 (0)95 42222 or email to

Please note:
Reservations are handled on a first come first served basis.
Succsessful applicants will be notified.

The Delphi Salmon Club is an exclusive 5 year syndication that is a newly designed initiative to replace the existing syndication that expires in 2020. This exclusive syndication is offering 3 rods per week, in conjunction with a boat house cottage with each rod from March through to September. The fishing rota is over 7 days and consists of allocated beats on the Bundorrahga river, Finlough and Doolough.

Each syndicated lease has one rod and a newly renovated boat house cottage which can sleep 4/5 guests. The concept is for the fly angler to have a guaranteed fishing holiday on the Delphi Fishery, secured for 5 years, in addition to the use of a Delphi boat house cottage, perfectly located in the west of Ireland for an annual family holiday or hosting friends.

In February there are 4 river rods on offer. Each rod/ syndication slot includes a boat house cottage and each syndicated member can in addition fish Finlough free with a nominal charge for boat and engine. February is the beginning of the Delphi fishing season and heralds the start of the spring salmon run. The 4 syndicated rods on offer are the total allocation of the fishery rods in February. An option of two rods sharing a cottage is also available or a shorter break syndication of a three or four day slot for 5 years.

– Each Member/Rod is entitled to exclusive use of a Boat House.
– Rods will be owned by way of a lease.
– The guarantee of a secured fishing slot at Delphi for 5 years.
– The lease may be sold or transferred subject to certain criteria.
– All Rods become members of Delphi Fishery Management.
– Fishing is rotated evenly between River/Finlough/Doolough.
– An option to dine in Delphi Lodge.
– Members may sublet subject to certain conditions.
– A swap scheme may be used among members provided fishery management is informed.
– Syndicated fishing runs seven days from Sunday to Sunday or in the case of the shorter, 3 or 4 days option, from Sunday to Wednesday/Wednesday to Sunday.

Members pay a small management fee. This is designed to ensure that each members interest is protected for the long term (5 years ) by proper maintenance of the cottages, Hatchery and Fishery. Everything is transparent and therefore predictable. The funds raised by the syndication are intended to provide a buffer for unforeseen eventualities and to provide funding for further improvements and conservation projects to the Fishery into the future.

Conditions of Sale:
– Reservations are held for 1 week and need to be secured by a 10% deposit.
– Reservations are handled on a first come first served basis.
– Deposits are not refundable
– Full payment within 6 weeks of legal documents issuing from our Solicitors.
– Reservations can also be booked through our office Tel: +353 954 2222
– No contract shall be deemed to come into existence until such time as contracts are executed by all
parties, exchanged and deposit paid in full and accepted.

For more information please contact Michael Wade, General Manager for your information pack and brochure. Tel. +353 (0)95 42222 or email to

To download the Brochure and Order form just click on the pictures below:



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