Yoga Breaks with Derrick Harshberger

Open your mind to the benefits of yoga with workshops in our sumptuous setting lead by Psychologist & Senior Yoga Teacher Derrick Harshberger.

We recommend a 2-night Yoga Break to fully immerse yourself in the Delphi experience. These bookings can also accommodate one night stays.

Remaining open booking dates in 2022: September 20-21, 28-30, October 1-7

With Derrick, you’ll enjoy these sessions (scheduling and selection depend on package selected):

Body Wise: Unraveling Movement & Meditation

A workshop on untangling & feeling the physiological and psychological effects of movement and meditation. From decompressing the spine and lengthening the body, to calming the nervous system and learning to breathe effectively, we’ll learn to move and be at ease. A workshop informed and guided by Somatics, Yoga, Taoism and current theories of the mind & body from Embodied Cognition. You will leave this workshop with a profound set of empowering knowledge about the self.

Time: 2hrs + 15min for any questions

Listen to The Body: Deep Restorative Yoga

Ground, listen, and grow with this workshop of ultimate restoration, relaxation, and meditation that dives deep into the hidden wisdom of the body. Split into 3 parts, this workshop is designed to take the student on a journey of grounding into the earth, listening to the body, and growing through expansion. We will use blocks, bolsters, and eye masks.

Time: 2hrs + 15min for any questions.

About Derrick

Derrick’s approach to psychotherapy is a person-centred, integrated way of practising mind/body health with a holistic sense that’s grounded by science. “My approach is dynamic, in that we will work together to discover what will work best in finding solace and long term solutions.”

Integrative and person-centered means Derrick will draw upon his extensive knowledge of psychology & psychotherapy to develop an evidence-based program that supports the client as a person, not as just someone with a diagnosis or condition. We are all different with complex lives, and therapy is about working within those conditions to provide support and long term solutions.

Derrick has spent over 10 years in college both studying and teaching subjects in psychology, behaviour, cognitive science and critical thinking at UC Berkeley and UC Dublin. During this time, Derrick also trained and taught yoga, qi gong, and somatic movement education. Derrick is fully trained and registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) – Ireland’s only professional psychological body. Derrick’s credentials are also in line incoming CORU regulations, which is set to regulate counseling & psychotherapy in Ireland in the coming years.

Qualifications & Awards

Masters in Counseling & Psychotherapy, Irish College of Human & Applied Sciences

Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies, U.C. Berkeley

Somatic Movement Educator Certificate

Associate Degrees in Biological Psychology & Nutrition

Graduate Member Psychologist, Psychological Society of Ireland

P.G. in Cognitive Science, UC Dublin

Experienced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance UK

200Hr Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Training

Somatic Movement Educator Teacher

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